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What is going to happen in the next nine months?

We want you to have a clear overview of what happens during your routine examinations during the pregnancy. This is a care-pathway which guides you through the pregnancy and lets you know what we will cover and when.

WeeksWhat can you do yourself?What will the midwife do?What will the assistant do?
4-8 weeks
  • Prepare questionnaire;
  • Book first 2 appointments ;
  • Send welcome package;
  • Sign up for pregnancy mail/ dad mail;
7-9 weeks
  • Perform ultrasound to determine vitality of the pregnancy;
  • Discuss medical history using filled out questionnaire during intake;
  • Measure blood pressure ;
  • Measure weight;
  • Urine check
  • Explain prenatal screening possibilities (Combined test, NIPT, 20 week ultrasound).
  • Explain about diet and lifestyle;
  • Give practice information;
  • Give little box with information brochures;
  • Explain maternity care;
11-13 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • Arrange maternity care;
  • Register pregnancy with health insurance and check their policies;
  • Keep in mind that you will need a full bladder for the next ultrasound;
  • If NIPT is desired, pay for NIPT on www.niptbetalen.nl. Print proof of payment
  • Get a sample of your blood for the NIPT with the DvU or JBZ (no appt. necessary). Please hand in the proof of payment, request form and consent form with us;
  • If desired, take combined test at DvU (11-13 weeks);
  • Standard exam: discuss concerns and questions, measure blood pressure and weigh, determine growth of belly, listen to baby’s heart;
  • First term ultrasound in case of no desire for combined test;
  • If desire for NIPT, fill out request form with client and partner samen met cliënt en partner, sign it and point out payment for NIPT;
  • If combined test is desired, give request form;
  • Give declaration of pregnancy;
  • Contact client’s GP about their care at Vita Nova;
  • If pregnancy file is complete, give to client;
  • Book and move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
14-18 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • Book 20 week ultrasound;
  • If desired, sign up for a pregnancy or birth class. Please take a look at www.denboschbevalt.nl;
  • It’s desirable that maternity care has been arranged at this point;
  • Standard exam;
  • Have the opportunity to discuss 20 week ultrasound again;
  • If desired, book 20 week ultrasound at the practice or give request form;
  • Discuss results of blood test;
  • Discuss possible results of combined test or NIPT;
  • Book or move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
18-22 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • If desired, have the 20 week ultrasound;
  • If necessary, arrange acknowledgment (see website of gemeente Den Bosch);
  • Standard exam;
  • Book or move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
22-26 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • If desired, sign up for information nights at the hospital or other information nights;
  • Standard exam;
  • Discuss feeding options for baby;
  • Discuss provisional location of birth and week after birth;
  • Book long appointment for growth scan at 32 weeks;
  • Answer questions by phone;
26-28 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • In case of Rhesus C or D negative, extra blood tests at 27 weeks Explanation of blood groups;
  • Standard exam;
  • Do a blood test in case of Rhesus C or D negative;
  • Book or move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
28-30 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • Standard blood test for iron and blood sugar;
  • Standard exam;
  • Do blood test;
  • Book or move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
  • Give new print of pregnancy card;
30-32 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • Consider after reading the email if you have any questions regarding the birth or week after. See the birth plan, and consider the choices of giving birth at home or at the hospital;
  • If desired, create a birth plan. See Birth plan;
  • Standard exam;
  • Grow scan;
  • Book or move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
33-34 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • Check if you’ve received your maternity package from your health insurance;
  • Standard exam;
  • Provide information about the delivery;
  • Book or move appointments;
  • Possibly book longer appointment to discuss birth plan;
34-35 weeks
  • Visit midwife;
  • Standaard exam;
  • Discuss calling and if necessary the birth plan to prepare for delivery;
  • Answer questions by phone;
  • Visit midwife;
  • Standard exam;
  • Check personal details;
  • Give new pregnancy card;
  • Book or move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
37-40 weeks
  • Visit midwife every week;
  • It’s desirable to have your hospital bag packed and ready at 37 weeks;
  • Your bed has to be on bed raisers at the 37th week;
  • Standard exam;
  • Discuss “being overdue” at 40th week;
  • Give information regarding week after birth;
  • Book and move appointments;
  • Answer questions by phone;
41-42 weeks
  • Have 2 exams at the hospital, for ultrasound and CTG;
  • Visit midwife;
  • At 41+ weeks, do standard exam every other day and consider sweeping (up to 3 times) if desired and possible;
  • Book appointment at hospital;
  • The instructions regarding calling for delivery are on the back of the pregnancy brochure When do we call?
  • Exam;
  • When you have contractions, the midwifew will come by at home, will listen to the baby’s heart and will check your dilation. She will discuss the possities for delivery;
  • Once your waters have broken, the midwife will come by at home, will listen to the baby’s heart and will check the colour of the water. She will discuss the process;
  • If Vita Nova did not guide the pregnancy or in case you ‘ll be staying in hospital a little longer, please call 06-53202915 once you can go home;
  • Register the birth at the Stadskantoor ‘s Hertogenbosch. Register birth at Stadskantoor 's Hertogenbosch;
  • Up to about the 8th day after delivery a midwife will come by for a check-up and see how you’re doing;
  • She will determine the physical and emotional wellbeing of mother and child. This includes determining how feeding is going, examining the stitches, the belly, and any exams of the baby;

What is a birth plan?
A birth plan is a guide in which you describe your specific wishes you would like to have met, with regards to the delivery. Some expecting parents use the plan as a way of preparing for the delivery. By filling out the birth plan together, you and your partner can discuss both your expectations towards the delivery as also those towards each other. Because we will be discussing the birth plan with you, it also lets us, or any other medical practitioners involved with your delivery, know what your wishes are. A birth plan gives you primary control over the situation, as you have already made important decisions together beforehand. This can help you in case you find it difficult to articulate your wishes at the time they may be needed.

How do you make a birth plan?
To help you write a birth plan, we have designed an online form that should enable you to fill in the most important information about your delivery. Some of the questions are multiple choice to give you an idea of what we would like to know. After filling out the birth plan, please click on the ‘send’ button. Hereby we automatically receive a copy of your birth plan in our mailbox. If you would like a copy, it’s also possible to print the plan.

Discussing the birth plan
Let us know when you have filled out the birth plan so we can schedule extra time during your next appointment to go through it with you. Together we will discuss if all your wishes can be met. It could be possible that some of your wishes aren’t (medically) possible, in that case we will try to give you some alternatives so we can still achieve the same goals. Feel free to make changes in your plan at any time. Sometimes your wish list can change or maybe there have been changes in your medical situation during your pregnancy. Just let us know during your routine check what you would like to change. Always keep in mind that a delivery can go differently than you initially thought, sometimes making it impossible for us to stick entirely to the plan. Try to give us as much information as possible in your plan which may cover these different situations as for instance what you would prefer if the gynaecologist takes over the delivery or if they decide that a caesarean section is necessary.

Your pregnancy and childbirth in the right hands

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