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Suzanne de Windt


I graduated as independent midwife in Amsterdam in 2001, and started work in ‘s-Hertogenbosch immediately afterwards. Meanwhile, I’m the mother of two children, Eva (2006) and Chiel (2008), and after that married their dear dad.

From the very beginning, this trade has intrigued me, because you get to deal with many kinds of people in many kinds of situations, all in the prime of their lives. The biggest challenge, I think, is, as a pregnant person, to learn to trust yourself and to dare to let go.
The change in a personal situation always brings new special moments with it. It’s very dear to me that I can and am allowed to contribute to this process. Moreover, it’s very important to me that the pregnant woman and her partner are informed as fully as possible so that they can make informed decisions regarding the pregnancy. This consideration already starts at the wish of childbirth and ends with thorough advice on contraception. This is why it’s important to us to shed light on as many aspects of obstetrics as possible.

We at Vita Nova all have such great energy and are full of inspiration, passion and ambition – towards each other and for the pregnant women and their partners. I’m very proud to be part of it.

Professional and personal guidance

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