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Lieke van Hout


In my work as nurse I frequently had to deal with pregnant women and the arrival of a new baby. This always fascinated me so much that I decided to change course and got my education in midwifery. I graduated from the Academie Verloskunde in Maastricht in 2009 and have been working in this beautiful trade ever since.

What’s very important to me is the high collegiality within the practice. It makes the job more relaxed and professional. The great part about this practice is the varied population of clients – they are of all social backgrounds and have all sorts of personal wishes. I enjoy the challenge of finding the most fitting form of guidance for people during this very special time during their lives, because everyone experiences being pregnant and giving birth differently.

Work as midwife is medical, very social, and practical – it’s the perfect combination for me. Next to my work as midwife I’m the mother of Lauke (2012) and Moos (2015).

Professional and personal guidance

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