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During pregnancy many women already find a bath very relaxing. Their body is getting heavier, but the water makes the body weightless, muscles and tissue that carry a bigger weight during pregnancy are being spared. During labour relaxation is essential! The warm water can also help to relaxed and enlighten muscles to make them less painful. Warm water has the effect to lower the blood pressure and reduce stress. This makes it easier for the body to produce endorphins (natural painkillers).

If you are able to give birth at home, then a waterbirth is a possibility. But keep in mind that during labour there can arise a reason for a medical guided birth in the hospital (for example when the amniotic fluid contains meconium). Then it’s important to realise that the health for the mother and baby has to be guaranteed, despite of your wish for a waterbirth.
Trust your midwife that she will only let you give birth in the water when it is safe and she will intervene when it’s medically necessary.

From March 2019 waterbirth is possible in the Jeroen Bosch hospital. There are 2 inflatable baths available on the maternity ward. The costs are €80, this will provide you with a personal package which includes all the necessities for a waterbirth. This amount must be paid directly in the hospital, an ATM is available at the maternity ward to pay for this package. When you consider a waterbirth, discuss this with one of our midwives. There are a number of medical reasons that make it impossible to have a waterbirth. See this list for the most important contraindications.

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