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When do you need to call the midwife?

If you have any of the signs mentioned below occur before 37 weeks, please do not wait and contact us!

When you have:

  • Contractions; especially if these are regular, painful and do not stop when you lie down or rest;
  • Fresh blood loss;
  • Waters breaking (rupture of membranes); it can occur as either a slow trickle which you cannot control or a large gush of water;
  • Less than usual or no fetal movement; especially after 28 weeks;
  • Worries or you feel uncertain or you have really important questions which cannot wait until the next appointment.

Always call us after 37 weeks when you have any of the following signs:

1. Your water breaks:
You should call us immediately (also during the night and without contractions) when your water is coloured greenish/brownish, which means that the baby has pooped into the amniotic fluid and the head of the baby is not engaged yet.
However, when your water breaks at night after 37 weeks of pregnancy and:

  • The colour of the water is clear or pinkish
  • The baby's head is engaged
  • The contractions are not yet regularly and strong
  • It is safe to wait until the morning to call us. However, you do have to call us during the day after 9:00 after which we will come to check on you and your baby.

Please save the wet sanitary pad or clothing you were wearing, so we can check this.
Please note that when your water has broken and you do not have any contractions yet, you do not take a bath. This is, because it increases the risk of infections for you and your baby. However, you may take a shower.

2. Contractions
For first time mothers:
Call once your contractions become regular and are within a 3-4 minute range for 2 hours, lasting at least 1 minute.
For mothers who already delivered a baby:
Call once your contractions become regular and are within a 4 minute range for 1 hour, lasting at least 1 minute.

3. Blood loss
When you suddenly have a heavy vaginal bleeding, it could be a sign that something is wrong. You should call us immediately.
Note that at the end of the pregnancy some woman may pass blood-stained discharge. This is called show. It is not necessarily a sign of the onset of labour, and is absolutely normal.

Whenever you still have questions or you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of either you or your baby, do not hesitate to call us.

Because of insurance, you have to arrange your own transport to the hospital by car or by taxi. 


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